Freedom of design for nursing-home construction, neighborhood management and urban planning

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Sensotecture. org is a network and evaluation-platform for the development of design concepts of nursing-home constructions, quarter management and urban space planning. This applies to outdoor installations as well as to future-oriented green areas and concepts of infrastructural networking in a neighborhood. Planning takes place in cooperation with partners from the fields of urban development, social sector, academic research, and local interdisciplinary therapy-study groups.

Our vision

Establishing urban and rural spaces which allow citizens of various social and mobility behavior for a self-determined movement with the chance of social exchange.

Our approach

Designing barrier-free public spaces which allow the accessibility for physically handicapped and mentally challenged citizens.

Our planning principles designs and applies new criteria of drafting which build upon the existing guidelines of neighborhood management, barrier-free construction and the medical model of health by KDA (Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe).
The structural environments are conformed to the perceptivity and mobility of the individual and complemented by a therapeutically program.

WDR Mediathek Demenzgarten

Buchtitel Demenz und Freiraumplanung